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Quick Start

Step-by-step easy instructions for getting started as a WatchKnowLearn contributor!
  1. Make a new account if you haven't yet. If you need help deciding which account type to get, see this section of the Contributor FAQ (the one-stop shop for all your contribution questions).
  2. Recommended. Install the WatchKnowLearn bookmarklet, which allows you to add videos from other sites with one click. It’s small, safe, unobtrusive, and should work in all systems.

    Alternative. Use the Add Video tab. You just have to find the URL where the video is normally viewed.
  3. Decide on a topic to search for. Note: it helps if the topic is rather specific.
  4. Search one of our source websites for videos to import. You can also add links to unembeddable videos.
  5. Simply click the bookmarklet when you've found a good video. Alternatively, find the video's embed code and paste it in under Add Video.
  6. Edit the category of your new upload. Hint: from the video display page, simply drag and drop the title.
  7. Edit the title and description, at least.
  8. Be sure to press "Save"! Then lather, rinse, repeat!
  9. Go to the "My Profile" page to view and edit your uploaded videos and other progress. Track community activity on the Change Log. Compare your progress to others on the Leader Board.
For more details, go to the Contributor FAQ!